Rock art found on Kisar Island depicting people gesturing
Archaeology · 18. December 2017
Rock art matches images found on 2,500 year old metal drums.

Cliff formations at Bears Ears National Monument
Politics · 15. December 2017
Uranium mill owners lobbied Interior officials to protect corporate interests.

Cliff formations at Bears Ears National Monument.
Politics · 15. December 2017
President Trump has drastically reduced the amount of land included in Bears Ears National Monument.

Aerial view of rock art panel found in Venezuela
Archaeology · 13. December 2017
Massive 2,000 year old rock art panels recorded using drone technology.

portrait mummy of young Roman Egyptian girl
Archaeology · 11. December 2017
A rare 1,900 year old Roman-Egyptian portrait mummy has been scanned using a high tech synchrotron machine in an effort to unravel the mummy’s mysteries.

Jacobite revolution depicted in LEGOs
History · 05. December 2017
Move over William Wallace, Scotland's Sterling Castle has a new display - the Jacobite uprisings portrayed in LEGOs.

sphinx head recovered from 1923 movie set
Archaeology · 04. December 2017
Archaeologists find an Egyptian world buried 70 miles north of Santa Barbara, California.

Votive to Osiris found near Heraklion, Egypt
Archaeology · 28. November 2017
Archaeologists have found three Roman shipwrecks, a head, and some coins.

Buddha statue in Wat Si Chum in Sukhothai historical park
Archaeology · 16. November 2017
The monks spent 20 years collecting remains of the Buddha.

Neolithic jar prepared for residue sampling
Archaeology · 15. November 2017
Archaeologists found 3,200 bottles worth of wine storage containers.

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