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Nothing to do with archaeology, but this is what we've had on repeat here at the office!  Tank and the Bangas' "Quick" is a fast paced (ha!) work with intriguing lyrics that will have you leaning into the speaker. 

Historic Archaeology: A Playlist

What's in an historical archaeology site? Cans!  So many cans. Here's a tune from the legendary Marvin Pontiac that's all about the secret lives of cans.

Broken bottles of bitters are common finds. Back in the day bitters were full of alcohol and promised to cure just about every ailment anyone ever ailed.  So we'll drink to Lily the Pink. She invented medicinal compounds. Most efficacious in every case.

Sometimes sites are just carpeted with broken glass.  And then we walk on it. And then "Walking On Broken Glass" becomes a fun ear worm. 

Because of all of the hundreds of thousands of endless seas of evaporated milk cans all over the desert southwest.

Steven Tyler's "I Love Trash," because that's what we do.  We go through people's trash.  We get excited about their trash. We document their trash, and then we weave a story about them based on their trash.

Roadtrip Playlist

After all, you have to get there right?

What songs would you add?

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