Welcome to the Archaeology Almanac Podcast

Season One is a wrap, and we want to thank everyone who made it such a success!  Season Two is slated for February, so be sure to tune in as we take this show on the road - literally. 

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Hosted by Esther Ciammachilli.

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Episode 7: Apes, Quakes, and Warrior Women


Episode 6: Italy Decanted, Human Sacrifice, and Greek Inscriptions in the Holy Land

Episode 5: Babylon, Submarines, and a Terracotta Army

Episode 4: Cannibals, Hannibal, and Menopause

Episode 3: National Monuments, Gay Anniversary, and Australia Redefined

Episode 2: Ancients Sounds, the Sun Seems Dim, Rapa Nui Fate

Episode 1: Bad Hobby Lobby, Neanderthal Dentistry, the Cat Invasion