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Archaeology and Anthropology

D.H. Thomas tells the story of Kennewick Man but also airs all of Anthropology's dirty laundry. It's very well written and therefore a fun and a quick read.

Archaeologist Brian Fagan takes us on a journey across the world, marrying old fashion excavation with technology to present a deeper story of ancient beliefs and life.  He rounds out the book with a fascinating glimpse of the Aztec, their belief in the Fifth Sun and the end of the world. You might have to pick up a used copy of the book but it's well worth it.

This is a thick volume to slog through, but the information is remarkable and the topic, a 1950s uprising in Kenya, is given perspective through a treatise on the history of the region before and during colonialism.  It reads like a very scholarly book does, so maybe have a Jasper Fforde novel around for a quick break.

Exhumed presidents, mummified train robbers, murder and mayhem.  It sounds like a TV plot but it's all real. Smithsonian curator and scientist Douglas Ubelaker shows us what its like to be a forensic anthropologist in this fascinating "case files" style book.


An enthralling book about a group of Mormons slaughtering a wagon train full of people headed west in 1857 and the ensuing coverup.

1867, Pensacola, FL "...if a [baseball] player got entangled in her hoop skirt and fell, she was immediately expelled from the club." A hoop skirt?! I can't even. Professor Jennifer Ring explores the real history of baseball and presents an absorbing narrative that will appeal to everyone from diehard fans to folks not that into the game.  Plus Ring puts Ken Burns on blast. Bold move.

Deloria's book is an unflinching, squirm inducing historical trek through America's co-opting of Indian identity starting with the Boston Tea Party and ending with the date of publication.  The end result is a thought provoking book that will definitely lead to a fun discussion amongst your friends.

An interesting look at Putin's rise to power and at a series of allegedly politically motivated murders told from the perspective of an award winning journalist formerly embedded in Russia.  

Brain Candy

This book is pure art. We've read books that were moving, disturbing, gave us all the feels, but Calvino's book is Caravaggio in words.  It's Mozart in prose.  It is amazing.

Nothing to do with Fifty Shades of Grey! It's a fun, kind of out there book set in a world where one's social status is determined by one's level of color blindness. Literally.

Who are we kidding, we love all of Jasper Fforde's novels.  Check out his "Thursday Next" series which follows Special Operations Officer, Thursday Next of the Literary Detective Division, as she saves a world just slightly different than our own....

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