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My Italian Secret is a touchingly rendered bittersweet documentary about a group of people who risked their lives to save Jewish Italians from slaughter at the hands of the Nazis.  Multiple stories are woven together while following the common thread of bicycling legend Gino Bartali. The Tour de France winner unrelentingly cycled hundreds of miles throughout the war to save the lives of his fellow Italians.

Muscle Shoals is in the middle of nowhere Alabama and yet Rick Hall, founder of FAME Studios, created a Muscle Shoals magic that attracted the likes of Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Rolling Stones and so many more.  Muscle Shoals has an fascinating story to tell about how the music that defined a generation was created in a place that defies logic. Totally worth watching.

Netflix Picks

Witches: A Century of Murder - It only has two stars on Netflix, which we get. It’s a bit graphic so it's not good for kids. We also take issue with a really weird crotch shot coming up an escalator, and the sound is wanky in the very beginning.  But the show finds its legs a few minutes in, the sound resolves, and overall we like it. It’s just a little uncomfortable to watch because of the subject. Torture, stupidity, murder that lasts for hundreds of years....

Empire of the Tsars - Also only has two stars, but this time it makes no sense! This is a fun three part documentary about the Romanov dynasty.  Hosted by the entertaining Lucy Worsley and produced by the BBC, Empire of Tsars provides an interesting glimpse into Russia's past which is useful in attempting to understand the social and political environment of today.

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